ToU: Charmides, Staines

London, what a nice place to find amazing underground rock bands. Today we are going to Staines, in the West of London, where we found Charmides.

Charmides is a 4 boys-band which released its first song on Spotify on 7th of September.

“Cold Blood Killer” is probably one of the best songs we have ever seen as a first release. This is clearly a statement from the band and why not a guarantee of their future success.

Few days ago, they have announced the release of their second song called “Corporate Man” which will be recorded this month.

What are their plans for the future? We’ve talked to Luke Darbyshire last week and here are the answers you were looking for!

Why have you made the band?

Firstly we are all best mates who love music and going on nights out. Being in a band and playing live shows lets you combine both into one night. We love it.

Where does the band’s name come from?

We were in our local wetherspoons (The George) in Staines sat around a table having some beers. I think the name Plato was banded about at first but we thought that was too generic. Sam got out his phone and googled Plato and CHARMIDES came up as a book he wrote about Temperance and self control (we don’t have either) so it made sense to use that going forward.

Who are your rock stars idols / band idols?

I think we’ve all got similar favourite bands as we all like that same type of music. I know Aleks loves anything blues, Joe’s favourites are Iron Maiden and mine is definitely MUSE with a bit of Jimi Hendrix on the side – the things that man can do to a guitar is ridiculous.

What’s your best memory as a band?

I think we have two that stand out most for us. Firstly at Jigsaw Festival last year in London where we were main support for Hello Operator. We thought the room was filled up to see them yet we had mosh pits and people singing our songs back to us, it was crazy!

Secondly, it would have to be the moment we all heard the final mix to our latest release ‘Cold Blooded Killer’. We feel that really changed and defined us as a band… Expect much more of that in the future!

In which countries would you like to have concerts?

Every country! However Romania sounds like the best place to be!!!

What inspires you to release new songs?

I think it’s important to write and release music that you as a band are happy with and would have in your own playlist. That’s the way we like to approach it. The moment you start trying to write what you think your fans want to hear is when you lose your originality and edge! That being said, expect a heavy riffy track on next release!

What is your message for all your fans and people who are going to read this article?

To everyone that’s supported us far by playing our music our coming to our shows – we love every single one of you! Waking up to messages on our socials with the support you give us blows our mind each and every time, so thank you!

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