Under The Tongue: Berlin’s Alternative Rock Stars

Under The Tongue are a Berlin based alternative rock duo that are
Mark Eden (vocals/guitar/drums/programming) from Melbourne,
Australia and Julia Eden (vocals/bass/piano) from Berlin, Germany.

Their music consists of a beautiful collage of styles composed of
simple powerful guitar lines and singalong choruses set against a
back drop of groove driven, cinematic, stomping drums and some
lush piano by Julia which adds an eerie soundtrack presence. Vocally
UTT embrace their alter ago enticing the listener to do the same,
while holding onto a classic rock approach.

Under The Tongue

We have talked to Mark and Julia about their future album and here is what they said:

How hard (compared with your past songs/albums) was to record new songs this year considering the lockdown and the current restrictions?

Hey Rock Monsters, first up, thanks for having us here we really appreciate your time.

Actually it has been totally fine to be honest, we are normally very isolated when we record so it hasn’t made a huge difference for us, we actually prefer it that way.

The hardest part has been, not being able to play shows, we really miss that side of things.

Where does the name of your new album come from?

Mark:  ’Art Of Perception’, that is a good one. It comes from the way in which we perceive situations, in any given situation when you have 100 people involved you will have 100 different opinions of what is going on. We all bring to the table our own experience, feelings, traumas etc. to everything. We can’t help it we often make things mean whatever we have experienced in our past which can be a hindrance rather than a blessing. So how do you choose to see things is the question, can we see things as they are and what is that anyway. 😉

Can you describe the album by only using one word? Why have you chosen it?


We chose that word because the songs are anthems rather than your usual Rock/Pop format. They are sculptures rather than blocks. The songs and production were deliberately designed that way (for us anyway) and we have taken it to another level and are very proud of what we have done on the new album.

Can you describe the album by using only a verse from a song from the album?

‘We all want someone to save us, we all want someone to break us free.

From the chains we made for ourselves, the chains we made for ourselves.’

What is your favorite song from it and why?

It changes day to day to be honest, today it is ‘Rockstar’ as I love the huge riff and the drums and the chorus won’t leave me. That will be our 6th single .

What or who inspired the songs?

The songs are inspired from everywhere. Life, love, loss, fear, psychology, dreams, human interaction, philosophy, friendships and the list goes on. 🙂

Are there any plans for a tour when it will be possible? If yes, which countries would you like to include on the list and which bands would you like to take with you on tour?

Yes we are in the process of planning some gigs that will include Germany, Romania, South America, Mexico, Australia and the U.K at the moment. We hope that the situation that the world is in will be over by next year and we are so excited and look forward to playing live again.

Do you have any message for your fans who are going to read this interview?

Be grateful, live like you only have one life, laugh, dance like a maniac, love like there is no tomorrow, believe in yourself, you have got this. 🙂

Thanks so much Rock Monsters Romania for the opportunity to be here with you all.It has been a real pleasure for us. Please stay safe and healthy and take care.

Don’t forget to check them out on:

Article and Interview by Radu Mihai

Photo Credit : Under The Tongue

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