The ReAktion announces an upcoming album with Black Sabbath producer Mike Exeter

The band has just confirmed that their fourth studio album will be recorded during
the last quarter of the year with Grammy producer Mike Exeter in the UK. The british
producer is renowned by album “ 13” of Black Sabbath and other best-selling records
from bands such as Cradle of Filth, Judas Priest and for being the longstanding
creative studio partner of Tony Iommi.

The ReAktion has been performing their past album “What A Day” in Europe during
the last two years, specifically in Germany, England, Croatia, Bosnia and Romania.
Gaining momentum as whistleblowers among the community of social injustices
throughout the globe regarding the disputes of third-world countries, delivering
awareness to the European crowd.

We can expect the record to be a massive wall of sound, combined with huge
rhythms and an excursion to the more vintage sound, together with the melodies that
Exeter is well known for. The members of the band have recently welcomed
Benjamin Villaseca, a new member who will take on the role of the lead guitars. The
band is very excited to see how this unfolds musically in both the studio and live
performances. This record could play a big part in the rebirth of the Classical Rock
movement , -which certainly uplifts our human condition.

Web Editor: Radu Mihai

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