Artists in Quarantine: Reaven

The quarantine was a really hard period for bands and artist. We talked to some bands from all over the world to see the real effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in music.

Today, we talk to Romeo, the lead singer of Reaven, one of the most important Underground Pop-Rock bands from France.

How can you describe the changes generated by the pandemic in the band’s

“I think that the main change was to focus exclusively on the recording studio since all the
tours and shows were cancelled. It is a period where we try to find new ways to make
music and offer music to our audience. It’s a difficult and a creative period at the same

What daily activity did you miss the most during quarantine?

“I don’t know if it’s properly a daily activity, but I really missed the travels. We used to
travel every month somewhere, and I love that. This is what I missed the most I think…”

Were there any pluses for this period without concerts?

“Yes indeed. We’ve been working like crazy in studio. Composing new songs, recording
new songs. But also making our own homemade music video on a single I composed
during the quarantine, called “Escape”. I guess we took the time to do things without
stress, that was a plus.”

How does it feel to return to some normalcy?

“For now, we’re far from normalcy unfortunately… We’re still trying to reschedule our
shows for 2021, but it’s a living hell… I really hope for brighter days in 2021 so we can go
back a bit to normal…”

What plans have you got for the rest of 2020?

“Releasing our next album called “For Tomorrow”. Maybe also new music videos as well.
And we are still recording new songs. We want to stay as creative as we can and never
stop playing…”

Do you have any message for the bands or artists who are still in

“Yes of course. Guys, if you read me. This weird and difficult period will end. Stay creative.
Try to find new directions, new ways, and keep up the good work!! Take care!”

What message do you have for the people who are going to read this interview?

“If you are reading this interview, it means that first, you are in the right place! (laughs). But
above all, we miss you guys a lot, we can’t wait to meet you on stage soon!! Stay safe!!”

Interview by Radu Mihai

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