Artists in Quarantine: Boneyard

The quarantine was a really hard period for bands and artist. We talked to some bands from all over the world to see the real effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in music.

Today we talk to Boneyard, a female fronted hard rock/ heavy metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

How can you describe the changes generated by the pandemic in the band’s activity?

We were one day away from completing the recording of our album when Wolfs Den Studio closed. Our engineer Cam MacLeod (from the band White Wolf) had to close due to local health restrictions. Had it not been for this delay, the album would have been released in August.
Like most other bands, our ability to tour has been halted due to Covid.

What daily activity did you miss the most during quarantine?

Other than band rehearsals, being able to participate with our local women’s roller derby leagues (I’m a skating official).

Were there any pluses for this period without concerts?

With promoting our new album Oathbreaker in a pandemic, I feel we may have reached a lot more potential fans that have been stuck at home. In addition to our album, you are going to see a ton of other new releases as well. So there will be lots of new music to enjoy.

How does it feel to return to some normalcy?

Great! I really missed the social interaction, especially in going to watch live music. Some of the bars here in Edmonton started hosting live shows, but with social distancing rules.

What plans have you got for the rest of 2020 and for 2021?

We’re working very hard at promoting the album as much as we can to garner airplay, reviews and interviews like this! Also, we are expecting our Oathbreaker vinyls to arrive this month, fingers crossed!

Do you have any message for the bands or artists who are still in lockdown/quarantine?

To use the internet to your advantage. Try to find as many contacts as you can to promote whatever your band has going on.

What message do you have for the people who are going to read this interview?

To please checkout our music here:
Watch our new music video:
and to interact with us at:

Interview by Radu Mihai

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